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International Terror, Violence Warns Us to Prepare at Home

By Greg Mellen

The aftermath of the shocking attack by Hamas and Palestinian militants on Israel and the response in Gaza are grim reminders of the dangers of terrorism on a large scale and serve as an affirmation at home of the need for preparedness and public engagement.

In the United States, which lost at least nine citizens in the Mideast violence, there is renewed concern about safety in various enclaves and in places of faith, where many will gather to mourn, pay respects, and pray.

In the coming days, these places may be attractive targets for terrorists, underscoring the importance of increased vigilance and preparedness for all who may be involved.

Sites such as Safe OC remind us that we all play a role in protecting our communities. SafeOC states, “The campaign is focused on publicizing how an alert public plays a critical role in keeping Orange County safe. Together, the community can work together to fight back against local threats to public safety.”



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