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Teach and protect children online for the holidays

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

By Greg Mellen, Behind The Badge

As the holiday season heats up and kids become excited for the newest and greatest games, apps and devices, it is incumbent on parents and adults to be alert and engaged.

Over the holidays, children and teens will be spending even more time in their electronic worlds and, in many cases, parents are either unaware or overly trusting of their children’s online activities and browsing — which can be a dangerous game.

For these reasons, groups like SafeOC have released a parental support section for parents to learn what to look out for while their children engage with online games and apps. This Parent Support page also provides parents with information and resources on how to combat the potential dangers of online gaming, apps and social media.

Gaming can be a great way for parents to connect and engage with their children during the holiday season and gain valuable insights into the world in which they live. The vast virtual landscapes of the internet that can be explored are unlike anything civilization has encountered. And with that comes all kinds of consequences – good and bad.



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