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Fraud Can Fund Terrorists Cells

Federal authorities have now included crimes that have been traditionally referred to as white-collar crimes, including money laundering, identity theft, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, illegal use of intellectual property, and tax evasion, as potential avenues for funding terrorist activities. Reasons behind this approach to counter-terrorism include the belief that terrorist activities require funding, not only for weaponry, but also for training, travel, and living expenses. In addition, the need for anonymity during the planning stages of terrorist activities requires various acts of deception, such as the creation and use of false identifications.

While fraud has deep ramifications for the individual affected, very few people report these crimes to local police

About 2.0 million persons (0.81%) age 18 or older reported have experienced consumer products and services fraud. About 1.7 million females experienced financial fraud, compared to 1.4 million males. However,  only 14% of financial fraud victims reported the incident to police.

While various types of fraud will have deep impacts on the individual, there is a potential this stolen money could have larger implications if it’s in fact funding terrorist cells.


Types of Fraud to Report:

  • Tax Fraud

  • Money laundering

  • Identity theft

  • Credit card fraud

  • Insurance fraud

  • Health Care Fraud

  • Illegal use of intellectual property

  • Welfare Fraud

  • Workers Comp Fraud

  • Consumer & Economic Fraud

  • Fraud Against Seniors

Where Should I report…

Orange County District Attorney

Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Department of Medical Services (Medi-Cal Fraud): 

Email:  or  Phone:1-800-822-6222

Orange County’s Fraud Hotline

Department of Developmental Services Fraud:

Phone: (860) 418-6077 or (860) 418-6109

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