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Local Reporting

Local Partners for Reporting

While “See-Something, Say Something®” is a national program, local campaign partners are critical in increasing the awareness of the campaign's message. These partners are then trained on reporting local suspicious activity to national partners. Those reports documenting behavior that is reasonably indicative of terrorist activity will be shared with federal, state, local, tribal and territorial partners.

Report Activity to Local Police Departments

Find your local law enforcement agency for reporting suspicious activity or behavior:

City Police Departments

Suspicious Activity

If you witness suspicious behavior, it  is important to alert local law enforcement officers. Please alert law enforcement if you witness any of the following indicators of suspicious activity:


See a package, backpack or other unattended item in a public space.

Male Photographer

Witness someone taking pictures of infrastructure items, access points or other security-related activities.

Car inside a Garage

Witness this person’s car parked in a sensitive location.

Black Backpack

See behavior that is odd or out-of-place



If You SEE Something, SAY Something®.

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