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Play a Role

The “Why” That Connects Us

We all have something worth protecting; a "why" that unifies our communities. Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping our nation safe and protecting your daily life. You can help keep your community and workplace safe by:

In a Meeting

Partner with us! We are interested in partnering with communities, businesses, entertainers, and public service entities in helping us keep OC Safe! Please contact us at to learn how you can help.

Keep Our Community Safe

  • Learning the indicators of terrorism-related suspicious activity.

  •  Share these indicators with your community and take the time to discuss with your friends, family and colleagues.

  • Test your awareness by taking the national campaign’s Challenge and encouraging your friends to do the same. Take The Challenge Now!

Spread the Word!

Here’s how you can spread the word:


Lead discussions with family, friends, and neighbors about how to support the campaign and how they can play a role in keeping their community safe.

Volunteer at local events to bring awareness to the community

Schedule a local presentation at your school, business or campus.

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Teacher with Students


If You SEE Something, SAY Something®.

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