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As summer heats up, parents need to vigilant about kids’ internet use

By Greg Mellen, Behind The Badge

As the weather heats up, summer vacation lingers and boredom sets in, more kids are venturing indoors and looking for things to do.

Left to their own, um, devices, many children turn to online gaming, surf the internet or communicate via social media. Along with the enjoyment and diversion of the built-in babysitter also come the dangers and pitfalls; particularly when it is unmonitored.

Remember wherever children can be found online, there are sure to be those with evil intent.

To combat these dangers, groups like SafeOC, part of the national See Something Say Something campaign, are reminding parents and caretakers to be on the lookout. SafeOC has released a comprehensive list of tips for parents to combat the dangers of online gaming.

The dangers of online activity, discussed in depth on Behind the Badge, are widespread with cyberbullying, online predators, extremism, fraud, malware and stolen identity among them.

With many children spending time at home and unsupervised during the day, it is more important than ever for parents to be engaged and educated on the online activities of their kids.



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