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Frantic Holiday Shoppers Be Wary as Scammers are on the Rise

By Greg Mellen

Photo by Tuur Tisseghem

As we are getting through the holiday season and the public wraps up any post-holiday purchases, crime experts warn us to be vigilant and wary of those who would take advantage as the clock winds down.

While retailers and cybersecurity are always working on ways to protect consumers and shut out thieves and scammers, the game of cat and mouse never ends.

In conjunction with SafeOC, a localized version of the national “See Something, Say Something,” safety campaign, Behind the Badge spoke to cybercrime experts about ways to protect online shoppers.

While individual safety and the security of purchases are of immediate concern, they are just a part of the threats posed by internet interactions.

“Criminals and adversaries target U.S. networks, attack our critical infrastructure, hold our money and data for ransom, facilitate large-scale fraud schemes, and threaten our national security,” according to the FBI’s annual Internet Crime Report.



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